Video created from a piece written by Rubin Kodheli for a performance on February 4th, 2018 at Museum of World Culture, Gothenburg, Sweden. Second performance in Dublin, Ireland February 10th at the Spike Cello Festival.

Tiger Mountain filmed live at MNN on January 27, 2017.  All songs were written by Tiger Mountain - Boris Skalsky and Paul Wood

Website:   Produced and Directed - Michelle Repiso


SIX VOICES                                                                                                  Six films, about four minutes each   
Gabriela Bulisova                                                                                         2016, for Prisons Today at Eastern State Penitentiary      
With Mark Isaac and Michelle Repiso          

Band: Dead Heart Bloom
Filmed & Edited: Michelle Repiso

Skysaw Chicago 2011
Jimmy Chamberlin, Anthony Pirog, Mike Reina, Boris Skalsky and Paul Wood.

Song: Nothing's Ever Easy
Filmed and Edited: Michelle Repiso

Mermaids of New York is a documentary project created by filmmakers Ilise S. Carter and Mica Scalin. This film introduces some of the truly amazing, beautiful and genuine mermaids that live on and around the island of Manhattan.

My contribution to the project was filming in 16mm around Manhattan and Brooklyn with my trusty Krasnogorsk-3.