Mirror, mirror, on the construction paper

What started off as sheets of paper became colorful sculptures and works of art. Tonight at Gilda's Club we created sculptures out of construction paper and we added reflective mirror boards in the center. As one little girl mentioned, "When I look into the mirror it will tell me what outfit I need to wear for the day." 

Tiger Mountain on MNN

Manhattan Neighborhood Network will be airing a show I was able to produce and direct using their studio and equipment. "Tiger Mountain Performing Live" is scheduled to air on MNN2 (channels Spectrum 56 RCN 83 FIOS 34 and livestream on www.mnn.org click on MNN2) on the following dates--July 2 at 7pm and July 5 at 1:30 pm.  It will be rebroadcast on July 7 at 5:30pm--MNN5 (channels Spectrum 1993 and Fios 37 livestream on www.mnn.org click on MNN HD).

powHER Summit 2017

I was honored to participate on a panel with smart, confident and powerful women.  We spoke about our respective fields and discussed all the positive and negative experiences that accompany what we do.  ILEANA MENDOZA works as a Community Coordinator for the New York District Attorney's Office,  EVA TURNER is a Social Worker and passionate about education, mental health and creating safer spaces, and OFFICER RAMONA GOMEZ is a strong and compassionate police officer always willing to go above and beyond.  It was incredibly inspiring and uplifting to see all the enthusiasm and potential in all the young girls at Grand Street Settlement.  

photos by Scott Percelay

Collaborations - A Live Multimedia Performance

On Sunday I was in great company with amazing musicians.  "Collaborations" - Boris Skalsky, a concert series at Holy Trinity Church in New York on April 23, 2017.  Boris Skalsky collaborated on several works with musician Paul Wood, cellist/composer Rubin Kodheli, musician Zdanna Krawciw-Skalsky and visual artist Michelle Repiso.

"Collaborations" - Boris Skalsky and Paul Wood from Tiger Mountain. 

A clip with all the performances.

Audiovisual Artist and Musician shoot

It was a fun Saturday afternoon as Juan and I set out to shoot on the East River.  The music and photo concept is loosely based on a dream he had about a space pilot stuck in orbit, GOLD (his new visual album release) is an extrapolation on displacement, environmentalism, and most importantly how to feel at home in your own skin. Check out his work at http://www.thisiswamoo.com.

Book photos in the works

On a very chilly January morning, Coss Marte and I ventured out to his rooftop to finish the other half of his exercise book which is set to be released later on this year.  I had the privilege of meeting and getting to know Coss this past summer and his will to succeed is inspiring.  Coss developed an exercise program without the need for any equipment while serving a sentence in his 9x6 prison cell. Now he owns and runs his own studio, gives lectures around the world and transforms the lives of others.  To hear his story check out: conbody.com.  

TIGER MOUNTAIN cover photo

Tiger Mountain is an electronic collective that creates music with beats, soundscapes, digital, analog and found sounds. Their sound encompasses cinematic and abstract backgrounds to structured rhythmic oscillations. Their debut single "My Heart Is A War" was released in June 2016.    http://www.tigermountainmusic.com/

Beyond The Walls

Today at Beyond The Walls-Prison Healthcare and Reentry Summit screening segments from our series, "Locked Apart:The Impact of Incarceration and Families with Mark Isaac and Gabriela Bulisova. Gabriela was invited to speak on a panel with experts discussing the impact incarceration has on families and our society as a whole. During the workshop Phill called in from SCI Graterford Prison and discussed how his 20 year incarceration has impacted his family and especially his mom. Just recently they started talking about his incarceration because, as Phill put it, "sometimes the trauma is too hard to put into words-so we say nothing." Moderated by Barbie Fischer and panelist included: Jesse Krimes, Dawan Williams, Dr. Minnie Moore-Johnson, and Jonathan Ziegler.

Artist Studio Photo Shoot

Paint and Personality! They have it all here at The Clemente on the Lower East Side.  I had the opportunity to photograph and meet so many amazing artist in their studios (wish I could feature all of them). Please be sure to join them May 21 from 2-6pm at 107 Suffolk Street. I will also be exhibiting work as a guest artist.

Eastern State Penitentiary Exhibition: Opening May 6, 2016

The first major museum exhibit to tackle this subject, Prisons Today challenges visitors to reexamine their ideas about the role and effectiveness of prisons in America.  Three years in the making, this exhibit uses innovative filmmaking to elicit personal connections to the U.S. criminal justice system, and digital interactives to encourage personal reflection and dialogue.  A "call to action" section suggests steps that visitors can take to help shape the American criminal justice system moving forward.

We continue meeting many incredible individuals who are willing to share their stories. This exhibit at Eastern State Penitentiary highlights a few of their experiences and we hope to expand awareness to the issue of mass incarceration and the effect it has on our society.

These are their lives:

DAWAN - is a father who was released from prison and is focusing on reconnecting with his children. KIYA - is growing up without her father, a man serving a long prison sentence. Her mother is unable to provide for her so she has been in the foster care system for most of her life. PHILL - is serving life without the possibility of parole. He runs a restorative justice program called, "Let's Circle Up" inside his maximum security prison. ADAN - had run-ins with the police, dropped out of school and lived on the streets, but now he has earned his GED, enrolled in college, and speaks of his hopes for the future. JESSE - an artist and outspoken critic of mass incarceration, made art while in prison and continues the dialogue even after he is released. PENNSYLVANIA SECRETARY OF CORRECTIONS JOHN WETZEL - speaks passionately about the men and women under his care and about their prospects upon release. 

Rooftop garden conversation at The Lowline

Tending to your garden on your rooftop! Photographing and learning what it takes to be an urban farmer with Annie Novak (Eagle Street Rooftop Farm), Anastasia Cole Plakias (Brooklyn Grange) and Nicole Baum (Gotham Greens).


Snug Harbor photo shoot

I had the opportunity to work with dancer, choreographer, ballet instructor....AND Young Ambassador of Georgia to the USA, Ana Lejava on an art project at Snug Harbor.  Afterwards we let the kids take over and do whatever THEY wanted to do.